Partnership with X Motor Racing


Also Ran Racing has chosen to partner with X Motor Racing as our primary simulation and track testing program.  With our limited budget, we have to get it right the first time. We can’t afford to buy parts that don’t work.  When we buy springs we need to know that we
are buying the correct spring rates, and so forth.  X Motor Racing allows us to test and simulate a variety of combinations.

Unlike most racing games that are aimed at your average pre teen and more arcade than simulation, X Motor Racing has placed it’s focus on accurate physics.  If you are a serious racer, this program is for you.  Even some popular software designed specifically to assist racers isn’t as sophisticated.  One popular desktop racer’s software doesn’t even allow changes in roll centers, ride height, or a correct range of front suspension settings.

Take a look at the screens below to get an idea of some of the parameters you can work with in X Motor Racing. Besides being an entertaining racing sim with built in cars and tracks,
you can import cars and use it for serious development and testing work.  If this sounds like something that would fit your needs give it a try with a demo that you can download here.

To read more about X Motor Racing or purchase the full version visit the web site here.