Epilogue: M5


tombstoneYou know that girl that is a little to hot for you?  You know, a bit out of your league?  When you finally muster up enough (or drink enough) courage to ask her out, you’ve figured out how you’ll deal with the rejection, after all she’s out of your league.  But you ask her out.  You are caught off guard, almost left speechless by the “Yes”.

That’s a bit how I felt when my wife let me buy an BMW M5.  Yes, the amazing V-10 with the 507hp.  Capable of 0-60 in 4.5 seconds with a top speed of 205mph?  Yea, that one.

Back to that hot girl.  The “yes” you got was for a reason.  In the immortal words of Slick Rick, “The most pretty b***h got the psycho s**t within them”.  That basically summarizes my experience with the M5.  I agreed to buy the M5 in August, but it took until September until it was ready for me to purchase.  That should have been a sign.

Over the next 3 months, my car was in the service department (literally) more than it was with me.  Here’s the list of issues that I experienced:

  • Steering Position Sensor
  • Battery
  • Alternator
  • The entire exhaust system. Including manifolds, 02 sensors, cats, etc.  A estimate from BMW put the repair at $20,000
  • Replaced panel on trunk due to cross-threaded screws for the license plate
  • Computer reprogrammed to fix interior controls for steering wheel
  • Engine burning significant oil
  • Power steering pump
  • 2 thermostats

It was a lot.

The car was phenomenal.  It was truly great.  I hated to give it up.  However, I just had no confidence that the car would run consistently.  I was lucky, CarMax worked with me.  They recognized this was an exceptional situation and refunded the car.  To be fair, at every opportunity, CarMax did the right thing.  They dutifully fixed the car, provided loaners, and when it came to it refunded the car without any hassle whatsoever.  Doing the right thing earned them a customer again in the future.