Hal Mintun

Co-Founder, Chief Technical Engineer

Email: hal@alsoranracing.com

As a kid, it was all about cars. From my Matchbox collection to hosting the neighborhood slot car racing league I loved cars.  In the Pontiac showroom in 1964, my parents bought a new Tempest Custom – I tried to talk them into a GTO. Every car book in the local library was checked out and read by me.  Some classics like “All But My Life” by Sterling Moss or “The Racing Driver” by Dennis Jenkinson.  This was long before the internet or the Speed Channel.  Back then you could watch three races a year on TV: The Daytona 500, The Indy 500, and the Monaco Grand Prix. All were edited. Indy and Monaco were tape delayed a week.  I would sit at the radio to listen to Indy to hear it live.

I bought and rebuilt my first car at 15 – a Corvair Coupe.  In high school, when the other kids were going to the game, I headed to the race shop at Crusader Cars.  I learned race car building and worked in the pits at events.  I started autocrossing and got to be an expert with Corvairs. Buying and selling dozens while making more money at it than my paper route.  Corvairs led to Porsches and more than 60 different cars since then. Some cool, some not so.  I have actually owned 5 of the 10 worst cars ever made. Not sure what that says about me… Five Porsches along the way makes up for it.

I attended Bondurant Racing School at Sears Point in the 70’s.  Skip Barber school  at Elkhart Lake and race series in the 80’s. Took three Nevada state autocross titles – one in Super Stock and two in B/ Mod.  I’ve raced in Formula Ford and Super Vee.  Building race cars from the ground up and tuning and tweeking them to go fast has always been as enjoyable to me as driving them.  I love the variety of cars and dislike spec series.  This is why I am a fan of series like ALMS, Speed GT, and others.

A design challenge excites me. To me, the very restrictive budget of the Grassroots Challenge is the ultimate building and designing test.