$2012 Challenge Wrap-Up

It’s been a week and a half since we’ve returned from the Grassroots Motorsports $2012 Challenge. ...

$2012 Challenge Logistics

The time is getting close, and even though we haven’t done everything to our original plan, we are on ta...

Round peg, square(ish) hole

Right now the task is trying to best figure out how to fit a (big) round peg in a square-ish hole. One of the interesting features of the Lotus Elite is that it has inboard rear brakes. The benefit of this setup being the savings in unsprung weight. The drawback is that the rear-end is […]

Last major part of $2012 Challenge car arrives.

What is German, Italian, British, and Japanese?  Our $2012 Challenge Car… If you are familiar with the Grassroots Motorsports Challenge you know that most of the cars are built from components of several cars.  Ours is no exception.  The last donor vehicle for our project arrived at the garage this past weekend.  We now have all […]


Workflow to simulation

With a small team, almost zero budget, it is important to take advantage of the free things in life.  There a...

Coming Home – Build Day 0

This weekend was a significant step forward in our $2012 Challenge Car build.  Significant in that the car ha...