Round peg, square(ish) hole

Right now the task is trying to best figure out how to fit a (big) round peg in a square-ish hole. One of the interesting features of the Lotus Elite is that it has inboard rear brakes. The benefit of this setup being the savings in unsprung weight. The drawback is that the rear-end is […]


Selling the wheels

Thought I would share the link to the eBay auction for the original wheels off our Elite.  I’d like the...
rotary-elite logo

Part 3 – Mazda Power

Hours were spent debating and running the software figuring out exactly what to do with our Lotus.  All the s...

Part 2 – The Plan

The decision was made and a car purchased.  That ended years of debate on what car to build for the $20XX Cha...

Photos from the $2011 Grassroots Motorsports Challenge

Here are the links to the photos that I took at the $2011 Grassroots Motorsports Challenge – the good, the bad, and the useless.  It was a fun event even though Mother Nature shortened the drag race day.  ARR was in attendance to check out the event and better perpare ourselves for the $2012 event.  I […]