After my last misfire project car, I took my time sharing this one with you.  This one is in my possession, paperwork has been signed, has been registered, has insurance… so I guess it’s real now.

While my search for a SVT Focus was unsuccessfully progressing, my dad and I discussed opening up the options of cars.  I agreed, and made the assumption that it would progress about as well as trying to find a good SVT.  Well, it only took like 3 weeks and a very nice looking Cooper S showed up.  Even better it was driving distance from my dad, so we could put eyes on it and even drive it.  Dad’s report after looking the car was that it was a really good car.  Not just a good buy, but a good car.  I like the pictures, and agreed to buy it.  Cashiers check was sent and the car was ours.  The plan was for my Dad to drive it from California all the way to Alabama for me.  So, a 2300 mile shake down run.  The car made the drive without a hitch and now is home, just waiting on the title in the mail.

It’s a 2003 Mini Cooper S (R53) in British Racing Green, just under 100k miles, no sunroof car.  With as many options as exist with Mini’s, this is actually the spec that I would have chosen.  I’m pretty happy with it.

Ok, what’s wrong with it: it’s missing a small plastic trim piece from the dash, has a faded taillight, the clear bra needs to be replaced, the front seats have covers on them (I’ve not braved to look under), the switch cluster is loose, and that’s about it. Pretty ok considering that my purchase price was sub $2,000.  That’s right Challenge folks, it’s under budget.  Although, FMV is probably well above the limit.