Ran probably my last AutoX of the season yesterday. There are 2 more scheduled, but I’m not sure if I’ll make those.  It may be time to park the car and start on the winter projects to truly be ready for a competitive next season.

Winter projects planned are:

  1. Poor man’s big brake kit upgrade
  2. Light weight wheels and race rubber (more of a purchase than project)
  3. New exhaust
  4. Custom engine tune

These are subject to change based on money / time / talent.  Brakes will be first, I already have most of the parts, just need the rotors and lines.

Yesterday was a fast and fun event. It was also the first time my oldest wanted to come with me.  He had a good time and wants to come more. It was a good father + son day. And…

Managed to win the class.  Good result to end on for sure.

My app that I use to record runs, had an issue and missed the video for the last 2 runs (it recorded the audio, but no video).  So this is the last run it captured, but was 0.6s off my fast time:

You’ll be able to see my lack of traction in this video.  On the run prior to this, I lit up my tires coming out of the tight right hander.  Left a good bit of Pirelli rubber on the track: