What a difference Hoosiers make.  The car has tons of grip.  I’m still getting used to it.  I didn’t trust the tires because I just didnt’ know the limits.  Half an autocross isn’t enough time to get a good understanding.

I say half, but I wasn’t able to run the second half.  I thought I broke an axle, or CV joint, or something else in that area.  At lunch break I drove up to the front of Barbers, and started to notice a weird thumping.  Almost as if the tire had a flat spot.  It kept getting worse.  I stopped and looked at it.  A couple fellow drivers came and assisted.  Nothing obvious, nothing at super slow speed, but at about 10mph and up it comes back.  It got worse when your turned.  I limped up to the front gate for my worker assignment and even the security guy could tell there was a problem.  I stewed on it while I worked the session.  My biggest concern is the 2-day track event coming up next month and getting whatever fixed.

I was finally relieved from my duties, but obviously wasn’t going to take my runs.  Pissed I limped back to the paddock area.  It sounded awful.  I figured I would change back to the street tires, and drive it back to the front for the wrecker to come and get it.  I changed the passenger side first.  When I got to the driver’s front I was missing a lug bolt and another was halfway backed out.  So, not a broken axle, just an idiot who nearly drove his wheels off… literally.

I’m not sure how it came out.  I put them on with an impact wrench (and since I bought this impact from the Hammer Store), I manually checked each lug bolt.