John’s post on Grassroots Motorsports

Ok, not an exact route yet, but it looks like a pretty good approximation. Give or take 3,000 miles of commute distance on top of any detours, track time, and of course the drive to and from South Bend.

What stands out is obviously the trip from Barber’s to Hallett at 10+ hours. That’s going to be a long haul. At least 22 is fairly low from a traffic and congestion perspective.

The other risk is the CMP to Barber trip. It is already coming in at 6+ hours, however that doesn’t account for all the craziness that can happen in and around Atlanta. 1 wreck at the wrong spot can easily extend that trip by 1, 2, 3+ hours. The only bit of good news there is that we will be coming from Eastern to Central time zones, and will “get an hour back.” I’m not sure my body will agree, but in theory it is there.

Going from Heartland to Putnam seems straightforward. Jaunt through KC and St. Louis down I-70. Just have to remember to be prepared for tolls.

Of course, despite any preparation here… it’ll be something we never thought about that will slow us down on the commutes.