Red Line Oil

When you get involved in motorsports there are certain brands that have been around and garnered the respect of the community. Red Line Oil has been around and more importantly been active in motorsports, with teams representing top tier endurance racing and all the way across the spectrum of racing to motocross. Their products have proven to be of superior performance and quality.

I, personally, have run Red Line products in every car I’ve raced. That hasn’t changed with the Mini either. If you check back on this post from 2019:

Modding the Mini

You’ll see that one of the first items on the list was to get Red Line motor oil and gear oil into the Mini.

So, it is very exciting to me that I am able to announce Red Line Oil is now an official sponsor. We’d be running Red Line products in the Mini either way, but it is great to have their support as we look to tackle the challenge that is presented with OLOA2022. The One Lap event creates a very unique challenge for all the components of a car (and team). The event features skid pads, ovals, road courses, drag races, and of course thousands of miles of travel between the sites. It’s a season’s worth of racing in a week. To be successful that requires performance, endurance and protection of the critical components.

A great thing about Red Line is that they offer a wide range of products. As we get prepared for the event we will be refreshing all the key fluids. Here’s what we are using:

  • 5w30 Full Synthetic Motor Oil
  • MTL 75W80 Gear Oil
  • WaterWetter Cooling System
  • RL-600 Brake Fluid (if it comes back in stock)