Sad trombone noises play…

10 days until the start of the One Lap of America event. We had climbed up the order from 46th, to 29th, to 21st, and finally to 14th on the wait-list. Looking at the remaining entries, I only counted maybe 7 that were questionable or incomplete. I talked with Brock and he didn’t have any good news either. The entrants didn’t have the attrition of the last few events. That’s good for OLOA, but wasn’t great for our entry.

So, here we are 10 days from the start and having to bow out (or really just take our name off the wait-list). Without being confirmed, we haven’t ordered event tires, we haven’t booked hotel rooms, found a trailer, packed, booked a flight for my dad, and there are a couple personal things that need committed scheduling. This was the line in the sand for us, past this it would be hard to put together a good entry.

It’s disappointing to not be in the event. A lot of work, sweat, dollars and effort went into trying to make this happen. Trying to find the bright side, none of the effort was wasted, it doesn’t expire and we are already planning for next year’s One Lap of America event. I’m more connected to the event now so we should be able to put our names on the list and not get stuck in wait-list hell.

I guess now I have a year to finish sorting the car.