First SCCA event of the 2023 year, and a wet one at that. Not heavy rain, but a constant drizzle to light rain, no drying throughout the day.

Full field turnout despite the weather. Didn’t start out great. Had an unexpected call from work that kept me up and working until about 1 AM. I didn’t get to pack and prepare before the morning of the event. Sleep deprived, I managed to get most of the things I was planning on bringing to the event. This was the first official use of the trailer. That all went well. Pulled great, lights worked, and importantly nothing fell off.

I did, however, forget my numbers and to charge the batteries for my impact and air pump.

Tape of shame.

The main goal of this event was to validate that the 15x8s and 245 tires wouldn’t rub after all the suspension changes. That meant running slicks… in the rain. Not ideal, but I think in the lighter periods we were right on the edge of where they worked.

That’s a great picture, but it doesn’t actually show how wet it was all day. Despite the start and the weather, the day was fun. Lots of Novice drivers and several offs, but only minor car injuries.

Balancing traction was the game of the day. Managed to spin once as a result of an over aggressive switch back.

Still was pretty fast and had a result…