I approach my driving today a lot like I do working out. I do Crossfit / HIIT type workouts. For those of you who have never participated in that type of program, they are designed to be competitive and have things like workout leaderboards, competitions and challenges. This environment has taught me a few lessons that I carry over to my driving. First, no matter how good you think you are, there is someone better (unless your name is Justin Medeiros). And secondly, no matter how fit you think you are, there is a workout that will absolutely humble you.

What does this have to do with driving and RaceBox? Well, those lessons from working out forced me to redefine my goals. I’m not an internationally competitive athlete, and I don’t need to “win” a daily workout. So, my goal as an athlete is to: get better every time. I just need to beat yesterday me.

Yes, I’m competitive. Yes, I want to win. But the way for me to achieve that isn’t just reckless energy and confidence, it is to get better every time I get behind the wheel.

One of the best ways to get better is to learn from your experience in an open and honest way. There’s lots of tools and methods to leverage experience. You can have someone ride along or watch you and review (i.e. a coach), take notes after every session, or review video and telemetry.

RaceBox offers products that I think will help me take that next step. Their products offer GPS based telemetry and lap timers.

I watched 2 drivers at a local ALSCCA autocross use the data and GPS overlay to discuss a driving line through a complex of a couple corners. Being able to compare the lines and timing, helped identify an advantage of 0.5s. That’s pretty significant in a short section.

The ability to store and review the data on your phone immediately after a session gives you a ton of information that you can use going forward. Additionally the app can provide real-time delta feedback and a bunch of other features. I’m excited to have them on as a sponsor as we take on One Lap of America 2023!