The crank pulley was more of a challenge than I expected. The instructions say that heating the pulley in the oven will make it slide right on. Yea, that didn’t work for me. I eventually just bought a longer bolt and used it and the impact wrench to walk the pulley on. It was a process but accomplished the job. 

Once that was on I could start putting everything back together. It went mostly well except I broke a plastic clamp on a breather hose on the supercharger. 

Luckily another Mini owner who lives just down the road had a spare. From there it was just putting pieces back together in the right order and trying to remember where each but and bolt went. 

The biggest pain was hitting myself in the head with the belt tension tool. It left a nice knot. Other than that, the wires and getting them routed and reconnected. 

Ran it in the garage with the bumper and wheels off for long enough for it to get to temp. No issues. Drove it up and down the block a few times. Pulled over and checked. No issues, the car felt good. Drove it a bit longer, going up to a higher speed. And did get a tire pressure warning. Decided to head home and check the pressures. 

Managed to find time to take the car apart and put it back together again.  This was only after fighting for 3+ hours to try and get the hose and clamp back on the water pump without having to take the entire front of the car off again.  Eventually I gave in, pulled back out the impact wrench and took things apart.  The good news is that I’m getting much faster about taking the car apart and putting it back together.

Had a massive air bubble in the cooling system that took awhile to get out.  But I think that it is ok now.  Some steam came off the engine after the first test drive, but I 99% sure that was overflow just burning off the car.  Temp gauge stayed in normal operating range.

Drove it a bit further today, actually took it for an oil change (yes, totally got lazy here).  Side benefit was having someone else look over the engine and potentially point out anything wrong.  They didn’t, but then again, I’m not expecting expert level diagnostics in a 10 minute oil change.