Finally got to go play today. Spent the morning at Midpond for their track day. The car did remarkably well considering the minimal setup and prep. This was my first time out in this car at any real speed and my first visit to this track. The first lapping session was just sighting in. Also it took me several attempts to actually figure out how to get the video to capture. I managed about 35-40 laps before I broke something.

The fastest cars there today we’re running laps in the 45-46 second range. I was managing 49s even with my eco run flat tires. 

As far what is broke, I think it is just the pulley tensioner. As I came around the back straight and hit the gas, there was a skipping our a intermittent loss of boost from the supercharger. I let off and pulled off the track. As I was pulling into the pits, I could hear a ticking sound. I had fear of a rod/valve. Looking at the engine though you could clearly see the tensioner bouncing with the ticks. So, not fully diagnosed but it doesn’t seem tooooo bad. 

Despite that, it was a great time and the car handled surprisingly well.