Brock Yates Jr. release the route for the 2022 One Lap of America. As with most enthusiasts, this is a bucket list item for me. As a kid growing up watching Cannonball Run, I’ve wanted to participate since I learned of its existence. It’s always been a “when I can get to it” thing. I don’t have massive amounts of disposable income, I have kids, justifying the expense of a One Lap run is a hard thing to do. When I looked at this route, there was something different. Right there, May 3rd.

The race comes home for me. A chance to sleep in my bed, see the family (even if it’s only a few minutes), resupply, plus it is my home track. Right in the middle of the event. That’s got to be a huge advantage.

I sent a message to my dad, and after some back and forth he was in. So, I started to get signed up…

Crap. A wait list before the route was even announced. So, I reached out to Brock:

The wait list is over 40 right now.  No one is more surprised than I for the interest after so many years of just getting by with a core group of entrants. 

Although he did add:

Last year we had more on the wait list and as every year, real life interferes with plans and we lost a lot of folks.  We actually had far fewer than my maximum, 72 of a possible 85 teams.  What next year will bring is anyone’s guess but if the past is any indication of the future, everyone that wants to go will make the show.  What happens in May?  Who knows.

With that, I went ahead and paid the deposit, created the accounts and entrant registration. Now it’s a waiting game. Some folks need to drop out, and Brock really needs to like out entrant.