Well, its not by choice, let’s start there.

The reality is that we are all a bit victim to the current world circumstances. Specifically in this case it’s #SupplyChainIssues. Somewhere, on a boat is a set of coilovers destined for Atlanta and a little British Racing Green Mini.

Its painful just waiting with an “In transit” status, but there’s not much to be done. In the meantime I have been working on the list of remaining items to do once I get the car back. I feel like there will always be something more to do, more money to spend. That said, here’s the list of remaining items (subject to change as I remember or think about something else):

  1. Replace drivers inside low beam
  2. Fix trim on top of windshield
  3. Install driver’s side race seat
  4. Remove rear seats
  5. Install harness bar
  6. Install 4 point harness
  7. Install fire extinguisher
  8. Install ultra gauge
  9. Adjust coilovers, balance chassis
  10. Alignment
  11. Oil change
  12. Coolant flush and change
  13. Replace rear wiper blade
  14. Secure console switch panel
  15. Clean the air filter
  16. Probably wash / polish the car

That is just the maintenance type items. After that there are things like getting a vinyl wrap (optional) and getting in some shake down track sessions to dial in the suspension. Then I’ll need practice adjusting the coilovers between track and street driving.

That doesn’t include the whole trailer situation. First, I need one. After that there is wiring up the harness and a new reverse light.

Ugh. There’s so much to do….