The Mini, that is… I tried to come up with some clever title and pun on Way’s name, but apparently I’m not that clever today.

Friday made the trek over to Atlanta to reclaim the Mini. After an extended wait, the coil-overs finally came in and were installed. The last item was the trailer hitch. The one in stock was for a different model, so it was a last minute order. But FINALLY… it’s done?

First of all, really appreciate Way and the team at Way Motor Works. They really worked with me as a partner on this part of the project. Way and I talked for a couple weeks before doing any work (or spending any money) on the goals and budget. We refined the list of parts and work that needed to be done. Then as the work was being done, I would get calls when they saw something that should be addressed while they were doing the work. Just in the course of doing the work list, they found a couple gaskets, a hose, and a shifter cable that needed to be replaced. Any of those items failing would have ruined our OLOA event.

Here’s what all was on the invoice from Way:

  • OS Giken GT Clutch Kit
  • Powerflex control arm bushings
  • Quaife LSD
  • Red Line MTL
  • Swaybar bushings
  • Oil Pressure Sensor
  • Oil cooler seals
  • Supercharger inlet gasket
  • Crank sensor o-ring
  • ATI Crank Pulley
  • WMW Rear adjustable Sway bar
  • Megan Racing Coilovers
  • 15% Supercharger Pulley
  • Xenon headlight bulb
  • H-Sport rear control arms
  • Aluminum Coolant Tank
  • Trailer hitch kit
  • Water pump hose
  • Coolant
  • Shift cable
  • G-Loc R6 Front brake pads
  • G-Loc rear pads
  • Labor + Taxes

So, you know not much, really. I’ll censor the price tags to protect the innocent, but will share some pictures of what you can see:

Initial impressions were very limited to a 2.5 hour interstate cruise home. The car is definitely more stiff, but generally not too bad. The bigger sharp dips are where you really notice how stiffly sprung the car is now. Power is roughly the same as before, maybe slightly less. I think Way would argue this one with me, but we didn’t do before/after dynos so we’ll never know for sure. Any which way, not enough to worry about.

The biggest change is the clutch. Going from a worn stock clutch to a new racing(ish) clutch is quite a change. The pedal feels about the same. It’s not overly heavy and the pick up point is in about the same spot. The difference is in the grab. The OS Giken clutch grabs immediately and holds. You have to be ready with the throttle and ready to go, there’s no slipping this clutch.

The ride home was uneventful, except the price of gas. Now it’s the time to finish setting up the car and starting to dial it in for One Lap of America.